Snježni vremeplov 18.11.2007. ispred crkve sv Josipa

Crkva sv. Josipa bila je posebno uređena sa svijećem povodom velike Mise koju je predvodio biskup Škvorčević a povodom 7o. obljetnice slatinskog samostana.
Na ulasku u crkvu snimamo i snijeg toga 18.11.2007. godine.

Podloga prema ugovoru plaćena:

Artlist Song Certificate
Unlimited License Number – 900367 License owner – Tomislav Felbar

This Song Certificate is granted by Artlist Ltd (hereinafter: “Artlist”), to: Tomislav Felbar (hereinafter: the
“Client”) as of 16 Mar 2022, regarding the use of the song Choral Prelude in F Minor (Bach) created by
Michele Nobler (hereinafter: the “Song”) by the Client;
Artlist hereby grants the Client a non-exclusive, worldwide and perpetual license to integrate and synchronize the Song into an audio-visual work (hereinafter: the “Project”) and use the Song as part of the Project in accordance with Artlist’s Terms of Use and Unlimited license.
The Unlimited License allows the Client to commercially use and otherwise exploit the Song as part of the Project, including to reproduce and perform the Song in public, as well as to allow others to do so, all as detailed in the Unlimited license.
Choral Prelude in F Minor (Bach)
Michele Nobler

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